Amateur Contact Log 6.6

Ham Radio contact log software

N3FJP Amateur Contact Log 6.6 is Now Available!

Ham Radio contact log software N3FJP Amateur Contact Log 6.6N3FJP’s AC Log 6.6 includes the following enhancements:

•    DX Spotted digital mode frequencies can be blocked or enabled independently from CW/SSB. Click More Filtering on the DX Spotting set up form to configure. If you enable digital, be sure to check the check box to display digital modes.

•    Use Shift (or Ctrl + Shift) + Up/Down, Left/Right arrows to tune your rig’s frequency (with rig interface enabled).

•    Font control for bearing, miles, time, etc. (click Settings > Appearance > Colors & Fonts).

•    Ability to query all digital modes together on the awards form (enter DIG on the Awards form’s mode field).

•    Added Yaesu – Newer 2 option on the rig interface form’s rig list to support Yaesu Ft-991, Yaesu FT-101D and Yaesu FT-101MP.

•    User added DX Spotting telnet sites are saved and available for selection in the drop down list on the DX Spotting set up form.

•    LoTW Download – made state and county data additions optional for countries outside USA (control from the check box on the LoTW set up form).

•    Passive Mode Option for FTP Web Upload (Settings > Web Upload Status Settings).

Amateur Contact Log 6.6

(System Requirements – Windows XP through Windows 10. For systems older than XP, please use the archived VB6 versions.)

 Download Amateur Contact Log Now!

If you are upgrading from a previous version of AC Log, please click here for the the steps to upgrade.

Upgrades are free to registered users. For more information, contact: G. Scott Davis, Website:

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