The new model AT-D878UVII PLUS, it is an upgrade version of AT-D878UV PLUS

AT-D878UVII PLUS comes with 500,000 digital contacts and Analog APRS RX function.

AT-D878UVII PLUS has some hardware difference compare to the AT-D878UV PLUS.

Memory IC changed to 2G capacity.
Analog APRS RX parts adds on the BT board.

AT-D878UVII PLUS can not do air band RX. It doesn’t have space to add Air band RX parts.

Analog APRS RX can be added to old D878UVPLUS by replacing with new BT+APRS board in radio, but it is not encouraged. The warranty is expired once the radio is opened.

When programming the radio, start by reading the factory software data, and then rewrite this data with your frequency etc., to a new saved code plug, otherwise errors may occur.

You can use the programming cable with a PC to program the frequency, channel type, power etc. your programming must comply with your FCC (or other country) license certification.

Top P3 buttonRedBlueBlueGreenGreen
Analog APRS TXNoYesYesYesYes
Analog APRS RXNoNoNoNoYes
Digital APRS TXYesYesYesYesYes
Digital APRS RXNoYesYesYesYes
Air band RXNoNoNoNoNo
Memory IC capacity0.5G1G1G2G2G
Digital Contact200000200000200000500000500000

D878UVII / D878UVII PLUS has bigger Memory IC capacity with 500K digital contact, the firmware/CPS is NOT compatible with D878UV.



DMR and Analog UHF/VHF Radio

  • Dual-mode(Digital+Analog)
  • 1.77 inch color TFT screen
  • 4000 channels
  • 10,000 Talk Groups with 500,000 digital contacts
  • ETSI DMR Tier I and II Compliant
  • Auto-senses digital or analog reception
  • Ranging function between radios with GPS
  • Roaming function
  • Talkie Alias function
  • GPS with Analog APRS Location Reporting/Receiving and Digital APRS Location Reporting/Receiving
  • Analog APRS RX
  • Digital Voice Recording for 14 hours
  • Bluetooth



Firmware Update

AT-878UVII PLUS Firmware Update v2.01b (April  10, 2021)

Firmware Update file contain the firmware, instructions and the latest Computer Programming Software (CPS)

User Manual

AT-878UVII PLUS User Manual

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