Azden AZR-1000

AZDEN announced that it will start shipping the HF + 50MHz 1kW linear amplifierAZR-1000” sequentially from the end of May.

Azden AZR-1000

Azden AZR-1000. Compatible with new spurious standards Domestic compact and lightweight 1kW linear amplifier

Although the AZR-1000 has a 1kW output, it is lightweight with a total mass of about 15kg and external dimensions (W) 35cm ✕ (H) 15cm ✕ (D) 38cm due to the adoption of a switching power supply, and is finished as a compact HF band linear amplifier.

To remove spurious, a hybrid filter that combines a low-pass filter and a high-pass filter to ® we have developed meet the new spurious standard with a sufficient margin.

Azden AZR-1000 Main features

Adopts the latest device, LDMOS

Adopting one LDMOS, we realized 1kW output with a margin by push-pull connection. It is a linear amplifier with high efficiency and higher reliability than conventional products.

Azden AZR-1000

Can be connected to 2 exciters

It has two input systems, and each has an interface terminal that can receive frequency data.

There are 5 circuits of antenna output, and the antenna can be preset for each band. Band switching and antenna switching are performed automatically by connecting data to the transceiver.

It has an AUX antenna terminal in addition to the antenna output, and when selected, it is connected to AUX regardless of the preset. You can connect a multi-band vertical antenna, dummy load, etc.

Equipped with a full range of protection circuits


Lights when the excitation power from the exciter is excessive.

・ PR

Lights when SWR is large.


Indicates that the temperature of the radiator of the power amplifier has risen.


Notifies you when there is an input other than the set frequency when setting the manual band.


Lights when the built-in DC50V power supply stops due to overcurrent, temperature rise, etc.

The output power (PF), reflected power (PR), drain current (ID), and drain voltage (VD) can be displayed on the multimeter, making it easy to check the operating status of each part.

This unit is designed to demonstrate its performance by using a AC200-240V 50 / 60Hz single-phase commercial power supply. Since the built-in power supply uses a universal switching power supply, it can operate at AC100-120V.

In the case of 100V, the PEP output in CW and SSB is about 700W, and in the case of continuous carrier as in the case of DATA communication, it is about 500W.

Azden AZR-1000

Azden AZR-1000 Specification

1.8-54MHz amateur band (excluding 4.630MHz emergency communication frequency)
Operating temperature limit
-10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Radio modes
Excitation power
About 50W
1000W (at AC200V)
500W (at AC100V)
Final stage voltage
Drain current
Maximum 34A
Do not radiate intensity
-60dB or less (1.8-28MHz band)
-70dB or less (50MHz band)
Input terminal
2 system
Output terminal
5 systems + 1 system (AUX terminal)
Data terminal
D-sub 25 pin 2 system
Input impedance
50Ω unbalanced
Output impedance
50Ω unbalanced
Power amplification element
Loop way
Push-pull method
Transmission / reception switching
Does not support full break-in in CW
Power-supply voltage
AC100-240V, single-phase 50 / 60Hz
Built-in meter
Output power PF, reflected power PR, drain current ID, drain voltage VD
Input / output connector model
MJ type
External dimensions
350 (W) x 150 (H) x 380 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
About 15kg
Power consumption
Below 2kVA (when 1000W output)
RCA plug x 2
D-sub connector (25P) x 1

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