CBA V Battery Analyzer

CBA V Computerized Battery Analyzer

CBA V Battery Analyzer is much more than a simple battery voltage tester or a battery load tester. The CBA will test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry or number of cells, with modest limits on voltage and discharge current. Now anyone can do scientific tests of their batteries for a reasonable price.

The CBA V is capable of tests up to a maximum of either 40 ams at lower voltages or 150 watts continuous at higher voltages. When using an optional amplifier, tests can be done at 500 watts. Amplifiers can be used in parallel for higher power discharges.

The CBA not only tests the total amount of energy stored in a battery (capacity in amp-hours) but it graphically displays and charts the voltage versus time using a constant current load. Graphs may be displayed, saved and printed and the axis parameters can be changed at anytime. Multiple test graphs of the same battery, or multiple batteries, may be compared or overlaid; a very useful feature.

The CBA is ruggedly built and supplied with 45 Amp Powerpole® connectors for the battery connection. It is small with a high performance cooling system and quiet fan. It is provided with LED indicators, visible from across a room, that display communication and test status.

The software supplied with the CBA, is easy to use and intuitive. It provides automatic sensing of the battery cell count, a safety check of the test rate, and recommends a minimum safe discharge voltage. It is designed to protect both the CBA and the batteries being tested. Test profiles may be edited or recalled by the user.

The optional Extended Software license provides all the features of the standard version, but adds a number of advanced features. The Extended Software version also adds the ability to graph the battery temperature with when the optional temp probe is connected.

USB Port

This is the connection to a PC for power and data. Make sure the PC is set to never power down the USB port, so tests are not interrupted.

Accessory Port

This port is for future CBA modules or for the stand-alone temperature probe.

If using the remote voltage sense cable, it includes the temperature probe. Do not use the stand-alone probe if using the remote sensing cable. With the standard software, the temperature probe is used to abort a test if the battery gets too hot. With Extended software the temperature can be graphed with the voltage on the screen. Notice from the above diagram the two pins that need to be used for the stand-alone probe

Remote Sense

This is an optional cable to separately detect the battery voltage. When running a high current discharge test, there is a resistance across the cable. That means the voltage at the battery is not the same as the voltage at the CBA. The remote sense cable will allow the CBA to read the actual battery voltage.

This is important for the exact test termination time. The remote sense cable also has a temperature sensor that can be attached to the outside of the battery to terminate a test in case of over heat. The Extended software also allows for charting the temperature.

CBA V Battery Analyzer Connections

Status LED

Blinking GreenConnected to PC, Driver found, Software NOT running
Solid GreenConnected to PC, Driver found, Software running
Solid OrangeTest running
Blinking RedFuse blown. This can also happen if the remote sense cable is connected to the battery, but the primary battery cable is not connected.
Solid RedHigh Temp Test Abort
Blinking OrangeConnected to PC, Driver not found
Fast Red FlashingInternal self test error
OffNo power to CBA (check USB cable and port)


To protect the CBA, use the smallest fuse necessary. This is a standard ATC automotive fuse. A fuse puller was included with the CBA.

Battery Connector

The connector is a 45 amp Anderson Powerpole connector. A pigtail adaptor is included with the CBA to help interfacing to a battery. The West Mountain Radio website has numerous pre-made cables to go from this connector to other connector types. This includes a laptop battery connector and adaptors for cylindrial cells. For odd sized batteries, consider making an adaptor from an old charger.

CBA V Battery Analyzer Specifications

Maximum continuous discharge (at ambient 75°F)1.5V 60W 3V 80W 6 V 120W 9V & up 150W
Short term maximum discharge200W

Example: 12V / 200W 1 minute max

Discharge current range0.01A to 40A
Current AccuracyTypicalMax
Standard CBA V 0.01A-1.5A+/-25ma+/-75ma
CBA V Pro 0.01A-1.5A+/-3ma+/-7ma
Voltage AccuracyAt CBA V connector: +/-1% -Remote sense cable: +/-1%
Voltage range for battery under testCBA-V & CBA-V-Pro: 1V to 57V CBA-V-Pro-100: 1V to 100V Sample rate:

Standard software: 1 Second Extended software: 50ms to 10 minutes

Residual current drain while battery is connected and not testingRough estimate:

Current in ma = 0.27* Voltage – 0.25

For example 2.35ma at 12V

Maximum temperature for a full loadAmbient: 75°F Heat Sink: 140°F Internal: 205°F
PCWindows 32 or 64 bit OS 4 GB memory minimum 8 GB or more recommended USB port with full power (500ma)
Dimensions3.5”H x 2.8”W x 3.6”D
Weight16 oz
  • CBA V – Computerized Battery Analyzer $189.95
  • CBA V Pro – Computerized Battery Analyzer $229.95
  • CBA V Pro 100V – Computerized Battery Analyzer $249.95

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