coaxial attenuator sma

Test Coaxial Attenuator SMA

RF Fixed Attenuator SMA Double Female

In any workshop where some RF is practiced, coaxial attenuators are always needed. And they serve different value!

Wandering around in one of those Chinese sites ( Aliexpress ) I came across some attenuators on PCB. The cost is ridiculous and so I wanted to take a little whim, in the worst-case scenario I would have recovered the SMA coaxial connectors from the PCB (which honestly taken individually by well-known retailers in the EU market would cost me more).

After a month they arrived and I wanted to try them using my miniVNA (equipment within the reach of many, so the test is more “replicable”). They are declared to work from 0 to 4 GHz with a maximum power of 200 mW. In fact they work fairly well: I compared them with a quality 10 dB coaxial attenuator on the SMA connector and the difference is little.

As you can see from the image, there are 4 lines available, respectively from 0 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB and 30 dB of attenuation.


Below I report the results of the tests, for you to judge.

Test Coaxial Attenuator SMA
Line test with nominal attenuation of 0 dB.
Line test with nominal attenuation of 10 dB.
Line test with nominal attenuation of 20 dB.
Line test with nominal attenuation of 30 dB.

Instead, what follows is the attenuator response on SMA.

Test of the 10 dB SMA coaxial attenuator.

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Good tests of IZ0ABD Francesco

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