dude-star software

DUDE-Star software. If you want to get started in DMR but don’t have a radio yet, try this new software that will work in DMR and other digital modes through your Windows computer.

You will only need a DMR ID and a valid Ham callsign. NO radio required, no equipment to buy is FREE.


Software to RX/TX D-STAR, DMR, Fusion YSF, NXDN, and P25 reflectors and repeaters/gateways over UDP

A 32 bit Windows executable is available from the releases section. This is a statically linked, stand-alone executable. It does not need to be installed. Just run it and go.

DUDE-Star 32-bit Windows build


Howdy Hamsters,

I’m a gadgeteer currently taking an interest in SDR and various digital modes.  I wrote software called DUDE-Star that connects to reflectors and repeaters via UDP.  It is similar in functionality to BlueDV, and is compatible with all of the AMBE3000 based USB devices out there (ThumbDV, DVstick 30, etc).  D-Star, DMR, Fusion, P25, NXDN, and the new guy on the block M17 are currently supported.  This software is open source and uses the cross platform C++ library called Qt.  I am a die hard Linux guy but this software will build and run on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.


An Android version of this software called ‘DROID-Star’ is available as a beta release from the Google Play Store.  DROID-Star is currently RX and TX for P25, DMR, Fusion, NXDN, and M17 and RX only for D-Star.  Because all vocoding is done in software, TX should be considered experimental and should not be used for regular non-technical rag chews.

The APK installer file can be downloaded directly here for Amazon Fire users and others without access to the Google Play Store:


I recently created 2 new MMDVM Cross Mode utilities that will soon be added to PiStar:  P252DMR & DMR2P25.  Details on this project can be found here:


I’ve been working on a project that allows an analog radio to be used as an all digital mode transceiver, with the addition of a hardware gadget and software.  This gadget allows both RX/TX via UDP (Internet) to all D-Star/Fusion/DMR repeaters/reflectors, in conjuction with my DUDE-Star software.  It connects to the packet interface of an analog radio and allows RX/TX over RF.  This device allows the analog radio to essentially be used as a multi-mode radio.  I use my ICOM-706MKIIG and Yaesu FT-7800 and both work equally well.

Instead of developing any of these boards for sale, I wrote all of the software required as PiStar addon utilities.  With minor modifications to an MMDVM Radio board, any UHF/VHF transceiver with a 9600bps data port can be used as a (nearly) all mode digital transceiver.  All of this functionally will be included into a Pistar release in the near future.  The details and instructions for the brave are here:


dude-star software

dude-star software

Malachite SDR Radio 50Khz-2GHz with Register code
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