G3 D-STAR Repeater

Icom has announced the third generation of its D-STAR repeater system.

Icom G3 D-STAR Repeater

Third-Gen D-STAR Repeater

G3 D-STAR Repeater. Icom is in the final stages of product development for our third-generation D-STAR repeater. As there are many questions about the direction of D-STAR, we want to provide some preliminary information. Currently, there is no information on pricing and availability.

Upcoming key features:

•    D-STAR/FM Dual Mode Operation: New hardware expands the reach of current D-STAR access with the ability to replace legacy analog repeaters, providing FM and D-STAR capabilities.

•    Single Band Repeaters: The ID-RP2010V, ID-RP4010V, and the ID-1200V/D integrates the controller to make the perfect Single Band repeater into a single 2U, 19’ rack mount module.

• Full Stack Repeaters: For those who want a full stack, the ID-RP2C is required to integrate the four modules to provide 2m, 70cm, and 23cm DV along with the 23cm DD mode.

• DV or DD Mode Support: The ID-RP1200V/D is user selectable for either DV or DD mode.

• LTE Linked Modules: An optional 4G LTE modem, the UX-262 is available for repeaters located in areas with LTE coverage, but not internet connectivity.

•    Output Power: G3 repeaters will include an output power rating of 25W/2.5W for 2m/70cm and 10W/1W for 23cm.

•  Internal Duplexer: The 2U rack mount and cabinet provides room for a simple duplexer. Perfect for emergencies, form a mobile repeater for rapid deployment for both manmade and natural disasters.

Thank you for your support of Icom’s D-STAR products!

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