hotspot security settings

Hotspot security settings – Why have many hotspots stopped working?

Due to many emails and phone calls about hotspots do not work, here is why.

I pulled this info from the Brandmeister Wiki. There are sections for OpenSpot, Pistar, and BlueDV. This MUST be done to re-connect and allow you to use your hotspot on BM again.

Please configure a personalized security password for your hotspots ! What are hotspot passwords ?

As you may know, hotspots connecting to a BrandMeister master server using homebrew or MMDVM protocol require a password to connect. Currently most of you use the “master server password” which is typically published on the corresponding country’s BrandMeister wiki page. Some software packages include those default passwords, relieving the users from needing to research and input this password.

It is also possible, and now strongly recommended for each user to setup their own personalized password from within the BrandMeister Selfcare.

Why setting up a personalized hotspot password for your own callsign ?

If you did not setup a personalized password for your hotspot, anyone can configure their hotspot with your personal DMR ID and connect with the master’s publicly documented default password, and start using the hotspot with your callsign !

Unfortunately this is happening more and more, thus our recommendation for everyone to setup a personalized password. By creating your own password, you ensure that you are the only one able to use your DMR ID to setup a hotspot.

Also setting up your own password will prevent your hotspot connection to stop working when the password is changed on the master you are connecting to.

hotspot security settings How to proceed ?

First, create a personalized password in your BrandMeister selfcare.

1.    Login to your BrandMeister Selfcare

2.    On the top right, click on your Callsign

hotspot security settings


4. At the bottom of the page, check the box “Hotspot Security”

hotspot security settings

5. A password box will appear. Enter your personalized hotspot password and click “Save”.

hotspot security settings

Setup the password on your hotspot


1. Login to your OpenSpot web interface , and click on the “Connectors” option

hotspot security settings

2. Make sure your Active Connector is “Homebrew/MMDVM”. (If not, select it from the “Edit connector” dropdown, and click ” Switch to selected”

Setup the password on your hotspot OpenSpot

3. Scroll down to the “DMR/Homebrew/MMDVM” section. The current “Server Password” is the generic one for the master you are currently connected to. Change this field to your customized password.

Setup the password on your hotspot OpenSpot

4. Click the “Save” button


(Raspberry-based hotspots such as JumboSpot, Zumspot, etc.)

1. Login to your pi-Star web interface, and click on the configuration page.


2. Scroll down to the “DMR Configuration” section, and input your hotspot password in the “Hotspot Security” field


3. Click on the “Apply Changes” button below the field.

Note that if the field Hotspot Security is empty, it will revert to using the default password from the DMR Host file provided with pi-Star updates.


1. Click on the “Menu” option at the top, and then “Settings”

Setup the password on your hotspot Blue-DV

2. Enter your personal password in the “Brandmeister” section, in the “Master Password” field.

Once you are finished, re-boot your hotspot to get a new connection to Brandmeister. Also, BACK UP YOUR CONFIGURATION, AND REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD!!!!

Chuck K0XM Dec 16, 2020


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Hotspot security password now required when connecting to USA BM Masters

Hotspots connecting to a BrandMeister Master Server in the USA will now require their users to set a hotspot security password. The configuration change will happen on the following dates:

Master 3101 : November 27th, 2020

Master 3102: December 4th, 2020

Master 3103: December 11th, 2020

Users who already have a password set don’t need to take any action at this time.

For general step by step instructions, you may refer to this post. The link can also be found in the FAQ section of the USA Wiki Page under the Hotspot Configurations section.

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