IC-705 external keypad

IC-705 External Keypad

The IC705 uses the same circuit as other ICOM rig and can be connected with an external keypad. The difference is that the CW keyer is also connected in parallel to the same circuit.

IC-705 External Keypad

Seccion 13 basic manual CONNECTOR INFORMATION

You can alternate between an external keypad and a Paddle key or Straight key, when connecting them in parallel.

Connect a Paddle key or Straight key.

You can select the key type.

IC-705 External Keypad

By connecting an external keypad to [KEY] with a circuit as shown below, you can send memory content from one of the 8 memories. You can send memory content from a CW Keyer Memory (M1 ~ M8), SSB/AM/FM/DV Voice Memory (T1 ~ T8), or RTTY Memory (RT1 ~ RT8) to be transmitted.

•    Push a switch to send memory content.

•    Hold down the switch for 1 second to repeatedly send memory content.

IC-705 External Keypad

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