IC-705 Unboxing

Unboxing the Icom IC-705

ICOM’s “IC-705” is a portable device that covers the HF to 430MHz band in all modes. As previously reported , Wakayama Icom Arita Factory made its first shipment to the whole country on the afternoon of June 19th (Friday), and it seems that it arrived at the wireless shop in the early morning of Saturday, June 20th in the early areas . Since the hamlife.jp staff also received it at the local shop, I will post the usual “opening report”.

IC-705 Unboxing
IC-705 received at a local wireless shop the first morning on June 20. The size of the box is as small as 270 W × 225 H × 175 Dmm

The main body size of IC-705 (excluding protrusions) is 200W x 83.5H x 82Dmm, and the main body weight (including attached battery) is about 1.1kg. Perhaps because of that, the box of IC-705 handed over at the wireless shop was surprisingly small (measured approximately 270 W x 225 H x 175 Dmm) and light (measured approximately 2.14 kg).

There was a thin tray when the lid on the top was opened, and there was a warranty card, an instruction manual, a postcard for user registration, a errata for the instruction manual, a license application entry guide, and a JARL enrollment guide.

IC-705 Unboxing
When I opened the lid, the top tray had a warranty card, an instruction manual, and a JARL membership guide.


I lined up what was in the tray. Warranty, instruction manual, postcard for user registration, errata of instruction manual, license application entry guide, JARL enrollment guide etc.

Removing the tray and the protective cardboard below it, the IC-705 body, battery pack (BP-272), speaker microphone (HM-243), DC power cable, spare fuse (4A x 2), CW key plug , The microphone mounting plate, etc. were subdivided into plastic bags and contained.


The IC-705 body was visible when the tray and protective cardboard were removed.

IC-705 body, battery pack (BP-272), speaker microphone (HM-243), DC power cable, spare fuse (4A), CW key plug, microphone mounting plate, etc.

The size of IC-705 looks like this. Height and width are close to 500mL plastic bottles. It weighs about 1.1 kg including the attached battery pack, so it’s like two plastic bottles (500 mL + 600 mL).

The attached battery pack (BP-272) had a capacity of 1880mAh, and had a capacity of about 1/3 when shipped. The battery itself is made in Japan, but it says “ASSEMBLED IN CHINA”. The speaker microphone that fits comfortably in your hand is made in China. The angle of the clip with the Icom logo on the back can be changed. The PTT has an unexpectedly strong spring impression.


Battery pack (BP-272)

Rear of speaker microphone (HM-243)

A sticker with a serial number is attached to the battery pack mounting part on the back of the main unit. The construction design certification number (technical suitability number) is 002-200001, and Icom has recertified the certification for 1.8MHz band SSB. Please note that the power will not turn on unless you firmly attach the battery pack’s claws so that it clicks.


There is a sticker on the back of the main unit where the battery pack is attached, with a serial number and a technique number.

Sticker part with serial number etc.

Battery pack must be installed firmly


When the battery pack is attached and the POWER button on the front panel is pressed, the power turns on and the 14.100MHz display appears after the opening screen. GPS positioning started immediately. By the way, the firmware installed is “Version 1.08”. Since it is the same version that Icom released on its website on June 19, there is no need to upgrade the firmware at this time.


Attach the battery pack and turn on the power for the first time! GPS positioning started immediately

Click here for the LC-192 multi bag we received together. It was surprisingly light and compact.


I also received the optional multi-bag, LC-192. There was a pouch at the handle and there was a camera screw for mounting the main body.

By the way, the IC-705 reservation privilege, the rice cracker, has not been opened yet. Some people also worried that “Is the expiration date for tiled rice crackers on the IC-705 postponed?”, but it was confirmed that the stated expiration date was September 15, 2020, which is a sufficient number of days.


IC-705 Receiving a tiled rice cracker (senbei), which is a special benefit of the booker. The expiration date was also sufficient

From around 20 noon on Twitter, tweets such as “I bought the IC-705 at a wireless shop” and “I turned on the power at once” are being written one after another. Some people disassemble the interior as early as possible, or report the difference in transmission output due to the power supply voltage, and some people do field tests by connecting an antenna. Such information may also be useful to those considering purchasing. Why not try searching with the keyword “IC-705” on Twitter.

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Disassembling IC-705
The manager of an amateur radio store in Nihonbashi, Osaka

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