IC-7300 Fan Replacement

IC-7300 fan Modification


sob ) That was exactly the question I asked myself after a short time with this device. The receiver was a pleasure and there was nothing wrong with the transmitter either. But as soon as you pressed the talk button, the fan howled uncomfortably loud, even at power levels where the PA did not even get lukewarm. The same goes for CW. After a short time, the fan noise became a little quieter. But only until you went on the air again.

I consulted the internet and discovered that I was not alone with the problem. It soon became clear how to solve the problem: the original fan had to be removed and a new one installed.

Fortunately I found a very helpful Youtube video by OM Michael Reichardt DL2YMR:

Michael shows in his very professional video how he went about changing fans. A benefit compared to many other videos. Calm camera, sharp picture, and an easy-to-understand explanation of the individual work steps in great acoustics.

I immediately got the suggested fan NOCTUA NF-A8 PWM made in China. Then I went after Michael’s video.

The fan can be used without changing the fan housing. only when connecting did I have to trick. The original fan has a 2-pin connector and the NOCTUA comes with a 4-pin connector. I cut off the original cable and also removed the 4-pin connector.

Of the 4 colored wires, I connected the yellow (+) and black (-) to the old lead. stripped the solder joints – I pulled a shrink tube over it -. attached the fan, fastened with the 4 original screws, inserted the plug into the small socket, applied voltage and dummy load and then pressed the talk button.

What a blessing! The fan has a much better air flow and is almost imperceptible during operation. Now the small IC-7300 gives me great pleasure in every way! The video from OM Michael helped me a lot.

Do you also want to ensure more quiet in the radio booth and “quiet” your IC-7300? You can find Michael’s instructions on this YouTube link .

DL2YMR, Michael, is a top DXer with over 300 DX countries and a member of the High Speed ​​Club ( HSC Telegraphy Association). In addition to many interesting videos on amateur radio topics ( video blog ), he also runs a website with a blog, amateur radio and photo topics. It’s worth a visit!


Experience and tip on fan replacement with the ICOM IC-7300

by OM Gerald, OE3DSB

Thank you for the article about the “loud” fan on the Icom IC-7300.

Although the IC-7300 has only a weak heat development, the control of the device causes the fan to run up strongly when the PTT is pressed, even if the device is cold. Although this is tolerable, it is relatively loud.

Therefore I decided to carry out the modification described in the article and can only confirm the success.

To have a comparison, I previously installed an app for measuring sound levels on my smartphone. The naturally not verified measurement resulted in a noise level of 20dB for the original fan and after modification a level of only 6dB, which is 14dB less. The fan can now only be heard very quietly when the PTT is pressed.

I would like to add to the information from DL2YMR that the fan is also available in black .

IC-7300 fan ModificationThe exact name would then be

NOCTUA NF-A8 PWM Chromax.black.swap

12V/4PIN Cooling fan quiet 17.7dBA 2200RPM 80mm

Attention! ) In contrast to the brown fan shown in the video, the 4 cables on the connector are black on the black edition of the fan.

The assignment is the same. Pin1 is the minus pole and Pin2 next to it is the plus pole. You don’t need the other two wires.

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