Icom IC-7300 Memory Manager

Managing the memories of an ICOM 7300 HF radio transceiver using a Windows PC.

It allows the user to read and save memory channels directly to the radio, or to save the memories to a disk file for future editing or as a backup.  If you like you can have different sets of memory channels saved to disk files, which can be quickly loaded into the radio for different circumstances.
Here is a picture of the main screen of the application.

ic-7300 memory manager

Some of the features include:

  • Intuitive editing grid for entering, modifying, and deleting memories
  • Reading and writing the memories directly to/from an ICOM 7300.
  • Saving and loading the memories to/from disk.
  • Disk files are in a comma delimited format so they can be edited outside of the application
  • User\’s manual

I hope you enjoy the application.

The most recent release is version 1.0.2100.0 which was created on 05/01/2020.
The setup file for the ICOM 7300 Memory Manager is available for download here.
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