Icom FT8 Mode Operation

Icom Firmware update will include Smoother FT8 Mode Operation and other improvements to the: IC-705 | IC-7300 | IC-9700

Firmware update for the IC-705, IC-7300 and IC-9700* offers smoother FT8 operation. One touch FT8 mode preset, Scroll mode and other updates for each model will be available.

* Firmware update for the IC-705 is around late in January, and for the IC-7300 and IC-9700 will be in near feature.

Icom FT8 Mode Operation

For IC-7300 / IC-9700 / IC-705, easy setting of FT8 etc. is realized by upgrading the firmware.

-For firmware, IC-705 will be released in late January, and IC-7300 / IC-9700 will be released in sequence.

In order to enjoy FT8, whose activity has been rising rapidly in recent years, we have realized easy setting of FT8 by upgrading the firmware. Simply select FT8 from the [Preset] screen, and you can set all the necessary items at once. Furthermore, when returning from FT8 to normal mode, just select [Normal]. Smooth switching is possible.

In addition, the SCROLL mode that allows seamless viewing of a wide band exceeding 1MHz has been added to the spectrum scope, the function of the multifunction dial has been improved (IC-705 is already supported), the dedicated tuner AH-705 is supported (IC-705), and the WLAN In addition to the addition of the base unit function (IC-705), various functions / operability improvements have been realized according to each model.

IC-705 table example

Icom FT8 Mode Operation

New preset information can be written to presets 3-5. It can support SSTV as well as new digital modes in the future.

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