Icom IC-705 firmware download


Firmware IC-705 Version 1.20 – 2021/01/22

[Preset function is added for FT8 operation] [The AH-705 automatic antenna tuner can be used]

You can download the latest firmware from the Icom website.

Download the old version

About updating the firmware

You can update the IC-705’s firmware using a microSD card. Updating the firmware adds new functions and/or improves performance parameters.

IMPORTANT: To update the firmware, first format your microSD card using the IC-705. Then copy the downloaded firmware data from your PC into the “IC-705” folder on the card.

Checking the firmware version

Check the firmware version when you turn ON the transceiver.

Icom IC-705 firmware download

TIP: You can also check the firmware version on the VERSION screen.

Icom IC-705 firmware download



Icom IC-705 firmware download

Access the following URL and download the firmware file.


These instructions are based on Microsoft® Windows® 10.

Select the location where you want to save the firmware, and then click [Save] in the displayed File Download dialog.

  • The file starts downloading.
  • The firmware and the firm utility are compressed in a “zip” format folder. Unzip it before use.

Unzipping the firmware folder

Right-click the downloaded firmware folder (zip format).

The right-click menu is displayed.

Click “Extract All…”

CAUTION: NEVER turn OFF the transceiver while updating the firmware. If you turn OFF the transceiver, or if a power failure occurs while updating, the transceiver firmware will be damaged, and you will have to send the transceiver back to the nearest Icom distributor for repair. This type of repair is out of warranty, even if the transceiver warranty period is still valid.


Fully charging of battery pack before starting the firmware update is strongly recommended. This is to avoid failure during the update, caused by an unexpected power failure.

TIP: BE SURE to unzip the downloaded file. See the previous page for details.

1. Copy the downloaded firmware data into the “IC-705” folder on to a microSD card.

2.    Insert the microSD card into the transceiver.

3.    Display the SD CARD screen.

icom ic-705 Firmware Update Instructions

5. After you read and agree with all the precautions, touch [YES].

icom ic-705 Firmware Update Instructions
•    Scroll the screen and read all the precautions.•    The confirmation dialog is displayed.When you touch [YES], the backup file is made on the microSD card, and then the Firmware selection screen is displayed.
6. Touch the Firmware (Example: 705*).•    Represents the release number.
icom ic-705 Firmware Update Instructions
• The final confirmation screen is displayed. ©Carefully read all the displayed precautions.
7. After you read and agree with all the precautions, touch [YES] for 1 second.

•    The updating starts.
8. When the update is completed, “Firmware updating has completed.” is displayed in the dialog.

•    The transceiver will automatically restart.After the updating finishes, the operating screen is displayed.

About Icom IC-705

• RF Direct Sampling System
The IC-705 employs an RF direct sampling system under 25 MHz. RF signals are directly converted to digital data in the ADC, and then processed in the FPGA. This system is a leading technology, marking an epoch in amateur radio.

• Real-Time Spectrum Scope
The spectrum scope is class-leading in resolution, sweep speed, and dynamic range. When you touch the scope screen on the intended signal, the touched area is magnified. The large 4.3 inch color TFT touch LCD offers intuitive operation.

• D-STAR operation
The IC-705 has the D-STAR Repeater (DR) function.

• A 4.3 inch touch panel color display

• Multi-function control for easy settings

The AMBE+2™ voice coding Technology embodied in this product is protected by intellectual property rights including patent rights, copyrights and trade secrets of Digital Voice Systems, Inc. This voice coding Technology is licensed solely for use within this Communications Equipment.

The user of this Technology is explicitly prohibited from attempting to extract, remove, decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Object Code, or in any other way convert the Object Code into a human-readable form.
U.S. Patent Nos.
#8,595,002, #8,359,197, #8,315,860,
#8,200,497, #7,970,606, #6,912,495 B2.

This product includes RTOS “RTX” software, and is licensed according to the software license.
Includes “zlib” open source software, and is licensed according to the open source software license.
This product includes “libpng” open source software, and is licensed according to the open source software license.
Refer to the “About the Licenses” page at the end of the manual in English for information on the open source software being used in this product.
This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group, and is licensed according to the open source software license

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