Malachite Firmware

Malachite New firmware is available

Malachite Firmware

Do the firmware update strictly in accordance with the instructions !!!

– Introduced a stylized retro scale in the FM broadcast range;

– Increased the degree of averaging of the S-meter;

Changed the frequency correction mechanism – now it should be more accurate and does not depend on the frequency at which the calibration is done;

– Detected and fixed error of switching DFT 120-150 MHz;

– Renamed the state of the parameters: “Enable” to “Enabled”, “Disable” to “Disabled”;

– Fixed a bug when working with a step of 8.33 kHz;

– Fixed error with receiver stuck at low supply voltage;

– Added selection of clock frequency depending on the processor revision: revision Y operates at 465MHz, revision V – at 480MHz;

– Reduced interference from the touchscreen;

– Changed the frequency of the PWM backlight for a more complete range of brightness control;

– The error of saving settings in the Visual and Audio menus has been fixed – earlier settings might not be saved when they were changed;

– S-meter correction made when UHF is turned on

– Made the mode of enabling and disabling the image of the panorama and waterfall – in the Visual menu the parameter “View Pan & Wtf. In this mode, the data in the display is only clamped when changing the settings by the user. This reduces the level of interference.

– Fixed a bug with step selection – the bug led to a frequency failure when choosing a step;

– Added shutdown timer – in the HARD menu the Activity timer button;

– The switching mechanism is changed – one press at a time in three;

– In the Visual menu, the bug with the backlight of the “LCD Sleep” button has been fixed.

DOWNLOAD in Yandex: Malachite Firmware FW_1_0f.rar

Mirror – Download


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