Super Battery Booster Remote Control

Model MFJ-4416BRC

Super Battery Booster Remote Control. This Remote Control allows the user to remotely operate the MFJ-44168 Super Battery Booster, which maintains the desired DC Voltage (default set to 13.8 VDC) at up to 25 amps peak from voltages as low as 9VDC.

Included is a CAT-5 cable that connects to the REMOTE port on the MFJ-4416B and the REMOTE port of the MFJ-4416BRC.

The buttons on the Remote Control work according to the front panel. On the left, push the red button IN for BOOST ALWAYS ON and OUT for BOOST ON TRANSMIT. On the right, push the black button IN for LOW BATTERY ALERT ON and OUT for LOW BATTERY ALERT OFF.

The MFJ-4416BRC has 2 DC volt meters to monitor the INPUT VOLTAGE and the boosted OUTPUT VOLTAGE.


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