MFJ-4418 Deluxe Battery Booster

Programmable values enable or shuts down booster supply. Allows auto operation without keying connections to the radio. Programmable electronic fuse allows protection in 1A steps from 5-30 Amps.

Ignition HoldOffTM timer allows the MFJ-4418 to continue to supply output for a programmable period even when the ignition is off! Settings are software driven via the USB port.

MFJ-4418 Deluxe Battery Booster

The MFJ-4418 Super Battery Booster is designed with the serious mobile operator in mind. In the mobile environment low battery voltage can cause output signal distortion, output power problems and even transceiver resetting.

This low voltage occurs in two ways. First – even low resistance wiring can result in noticeable voltage drop. And second when you turn off your vehicle or remove a typical battery from the charger, the battery voltage can drop from the nominal 13.8 volts to 12 volts after a short period of time. With this in mind the MFJ-4418 Super Battery Booster corrects all of these problems. With its high efficiency boost regulator circuitry, it will maintain the desired 13.8 volts at up to 25 amps ICAS from voltages as low as 9 volts.

The MFJ-4418 has been redesigned to make the device more robust with heavy duty transistors and rectifiers, improved switch mode transformer, and larger heatsinks on vital components. The EMI filters on the input and output of the MFJ-4418 are designed to reduce noise to a minimum so radio reception while boosting is normally no problem.


Choice of Input and Output Connections: No need to fumble around looking for connectors. The MFJ-4418 gives you a choice of Anderson PowerPole connectors or 5-way binding posts on the input and output.

Software Managed Adjustments: The user, through MFJ software, can adjust the output voltage, measure load current, set minimum voltage levels, over-current trip levels, ignition control, and other functions.

Adjustable Output Voltage: User adjustable output voltage. Factory set at 13.8 volts this voltage is adjustable anywhere from 12 to 13.8 volts.

Selectable Minimum Input Voltage: You have the choice of the minimum input voltage the MFJ-4418 will operate on. Set from the factory at 11.5 volts you can select 9.5 to 13 volts. This keeps you from possibly over discharging your battery and damaging it.

Audio Alert Feature: When enable instantly alerts you when the input voltage drops below the preset level.

External Boost Enable: A DE-9 input port with 4 inputs that are used to externally enable the MFJ-4418. Two inputs when grounded enable the unit and two inputs when taken high (10 to 12 V) will enable the unit.

Remote Jack: Allows sampling of the Input Voltage and the Output Voltage. Also allows for control of the Boost Switch and has an active low output for the Low voltage alarm. Direct connection to the MFJ-4416RC Remote Unit.

RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – Attractive all-metal cabinet and conservative component selections ensure solid performance for years to come. Fully covered by MFJ’s “No Matter What” one year limited warranty.


Output Current…………………………..25 Amps ICAS 30A peak.

Output Voltage…………………………13.8 Volts at 9.5-13.8 volts input.

Before attempting to operate your MFJ-4418, please read the manual thoroughly. It contains important details about setting up your unit to obtain the best performance.

MFJ-4418 Deluxe Battery Booster

MFJ-4418 Deluxe Battery Booster

NOTE: The MFJ-4418 is not designed to boost the voltage of a 6V electrical system up to 13V and will not run on a positive ground system. It will also not reduce the voltage of a 24 volt system to 13V.


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