BALUN, 1:1, 1.8-30MHZ, 1.5KW

MFJ-918 manualThe 1:1 Current Balun was designed to replace the center insulator of a dipole antenna. It is made up of 50 Ferrite Core Beads placed onto a 13-inch piece of RG-303 Coax. Operates 1.8 to 30 MHz.

The coax and SO-239 connectors have Teflon(R) for maximum insulation and extended life of the product. The MFJ 1:1 Current Balun is enclosed in schedule 40 PVC pipe for maximum strength and protection. Unlike other baluns, the MFJ-918 makes a direct electrical connection to the antenna with #14 copper wire.

The MFJ Current Balun will reduce or eliminate stray RF often found on coax. This stray RF can cause burns and other problems with electronic equipment in ham-shacks and vehicles. Stray RF also results in a loss of radiated power from the antenna, which will lead to a great reduction in signal strength.

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MFJ Born in the U.S.A.

MFJ Born in The USADoes it matter?
I was not born in the USA, but I am an American citizen. My dad served twenty-two years in the US military and ultimately gave his life for his country way too early for me. But he was proud of his service even in the volatile Vietnam years. And I certainly was proud of him, my hero.

Does it matter if we think “Buy US first?” I remember many small towns had signs that said “Shop Small Town First!” I think these days it does matter about buying small town and American first. MFJ doesn’t manufacture everything we sell in our plants, but over 75% of our product line is. We can’t say it is 100% American made but it is as close as it gets in ham radio circles. We employ American workers who build with their own hands our American engineered and manufactured finished goods.

Not many amateur radio businesses can say that. I am not hating. They built their business one way and we built ours the old fashioned way. From the ground up, on American soil, with American hands and as many American made parts that we can. So when it comes down to American made or foreign made, you can make your own choice.

If it does matter to you, know that MFJ is right here in Starkville, Mississippi with over 150 of its finest folks trying to make most of your ham radio gear right here on the grains of true U.S. soil. May God continue to Bless America!

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