MFJ Automatic Antenna Tuners

Handle Full Output Power
on DIGITAL Modes!

So for years, we debated. “Just how much power could the ATU handle on continuous duty DIGITAL modes?”

The safe bet was half power. We always advertised FULL 200W SSB/CW or FULL 1500W SSB/CW based on which power handling model we were talking about. But we never mentioned DIGITAL or “key down” modes.

Until now. Now we know that our MFJ automatic tuners can handle their full output power on DIGITAL modes. Check out RTTY, PSK31, EchoLink, WSPR, WINMOR, MT-63, and others, etc. New experimental modes are emerging all the time. Our engineering team has determined that our ATUs are not only the fastest tuners on the planet, they are also the most power handling ATUs on the market as well. And that includes DIGITAL!

So get your DIGITAL groove on! And don’t just do it at half power. Put the pedal to the metal and get all there is to have out of our ATUs. And if you haven’t got one of ours yet. Check on the power handling of the other guys, what kind of power handling you getting out on DIGITAL big boy? IF you want to really join the DIGITAL Revolution and play with the BIG BOYS, you best be contacting MFJ!

MFJ Automatic Antenna Tuners are


They have all of the key features you are looking for in an automatic antenna tuner, the “key down” power handling you need to join in on the DIGITAL revolution and be heard, the excellent price of the units direct from MFJ or through one of our fantastic dealers all over the country, and of course the famous one year NoMatterWhatTM warranty. The MFJ-939 has a two year warranty, MFJ-993B and MFJ-998 are one year.

  • MFJ-993B. 300/150 Watts CW/SSB/Digital. 20,000 Memories. Digital and Analog Meter.
    MFJ-939. 200W CW/SSB/Digital. Comes with radio interface cable, 2-year warranty.
    MFJ-998. 1500W CW/SSB/Digital. Digital/Analog meter, 20,000 Memories. WOW!

Come see the rest of the features of these POWERFUL MFJ Auto Tuners. You will be amazed!

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