Morse Code Transceiver

DMX-40 Morse Code Decoder & Converter Transceiver

Frustration-Free Morse Code At Last!

Introducing the new DMX-40 Morse Code Decoder & Converter Transceiver
from PreppComm!

Morse Code Transceiver. The DMX-40 is a completely self-contained QRP transceiver, with keyboard input for control and text, a color GUI touchscreen for navigation, control, and display of transmitted and received text, and display of functions and menus, 28 screens in all.

Morse Code Transceiver DMX-40

There are many unique features built into the DMX-40 that are not available on any other transceiver on the market.

It utilizes three microprocessors to provide amazing automation and functionality to make operating with CW fun and easy. It also provides one of the best platforms for learning to send and receive Morse Code yourself, while you actually get to use the transceiver to communicate with others!

Controls and Input/Output

Morse Code Transceiver DMX-40

Morse Code Transceiver DMX-40

Unique Features

•    License-based transmitter limits: during station setup, you indicate your license level, and this info is used to prevent accidental transmission on unlicensed frequencies

•    Automatic capture of received station call letters: based on normal code sequence during station ID’s

•    Auto analysis of received code speed and hand: after a short period of capturing a sample of the received code, all captured data is decoded and displayed – nothing is lost during the auto analysis period.

•    Transmit speed automation: the DMX-40 calculates your comfortable typing speed, and uses it to throttle the transmitter if the received speed exceeds it. Otherwise, transmit speed is set to received speed.

•    76 character pop-up type-ahead buffer: with transmit speed throttled, the operator can utilize the type-ahead buffer, allowing time to think and correct errors before they reach the transmitter.

•   Powerful built-in CALL microprogram: a standard General Call (calling CQ) and a Directed Call (calling a specific station) simplifies operation.

•    Powerful built-in ANSwer microprogram: this provides a “validate-answer” function to establish two-way communication when answering a CQ, and automatic station ID for back and forth during a QSO.

® Built-in INFO microprogram: this single keystroke function generates a full sentence containing all the standard information: name, QTH, rig, antenna to reduce typing repetitive information.

•    Powerful Rig Programming Language (RPL): unlike many “macro” features, RPL allows you to automate rig functions, including customizing the CALL and ANS microprograms, creating special microprograms for contests or net operations, of course text macros, and more.

•    Full 3.5″ color LCD touchscreen: 10 lines of word-wrapped color-coded text displays your outgoing text and incoming text. Interactive controls, status text, and LED’s for complete confidence on the air. Everything is included, the decoder, the encoder, the controls, the receiver and transmitter in one small unit!

•    High noise immunity and selectivity: unlike all other Morse Code decoders we are aware of, the DMX decoder can operate in high band noise environments. Selectivity is between ~90-180 Hz, so stations close together can be separately decoded.

•    Powerful code practice system: the KEY IN feature allows transmitting both computer generated and manual code, but it also allows you to send code to the receiver. This unusual arrangement engages the built-in decoder between your keying and the display. The result is amazing – you have a clear view of how your code is perceived by others! A powerful mechanism for improving your hand!

The DMX-40 Sitting Atop its Protective Lid

The lid snaps on over the top panel, and protects the LCD and LED’s from damage during transport or when not in us. The lid can also serve as a stand for the DMX-40 during operation.


  • Advanced Direct Conversion SDR Receiver: with custom bandpass filter, balanced mixer, and low-noise preamp giving sensitivity = 0.8pV or better.
  • GUI: 3.5″ color touchscreen LCD, Main Screen plus 27 function screens.
  • Weight: 11 oz with protective lid.
  • Size: 3.8″ x 5.2″ x (1.3″ w/o lid, 2.25″ w/lid).
  • Power Consumption, receive: Approx. 1.4 watt, LCD backlight ON, approx. 0.96 watts with LCD backlight OFF.
  • Power Consumption, transmit (average, 50% keydown): Approx. 3.4 watts at 12V input. Rises to 4.8 watts at 16V input (16V MAX).
  • Power Output: Approx. 3 Watts at 12V input, Approx. 4.5 Watts at 16V input (16V MAX)
  • Average Power, based on 25% transmit, 75% receive, with LCD always on: 1.9 watts at 12V, 2.3 watts at 16V (16V MAX)
  • Receive Tuning Range: 4.9 MHz to 10.2 MHz.
  • Transmit Enabled Range: Extra Class: 7.0 MHz to 7.3 MHz, General Class: 7.025-7.125 MHz and 7.175-7.3 MHz, Technician Class: 7.025-7.125 MHz.

DMX-40 Transceiver $349.00

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