Nanovna v2 plus4

Nanovna v2 plus4 is a low cost 3GHz T/R vector network analyzer developed by HCXQS in collaboration with OwOComm. The V2 hardware is a new from-scratch design and is not based on the original NanoVNA by edy555. Compared to the original NanoVNA, V2 does not use harmonics for measurements and achieves higher dynamic range.

HCXQS is the official manufacturer of the S-A-A-2 (NanoVNA V2), and is the only manufacturer that fund the development team.

As of November 2020 most V2 devices sold on Aliexpress other than the official store below are clones, many of which perform badly, and some users have reported firmware incompatibility. See FAQ | How to avoid a bad clone.

Nanovna v2 plus4 Official store

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Board version



Frequency range

V2_2, V2 Plus

50kHz – 3GHz

V2 Plus4

50kHz – 4.4GHz

System dynamic range

V2_2, V2 Plus


f < 1.5GHz


f < 3GHz

V2 Plus4


f < 1GHz
20x averaging


f < 3GHz
5x averaging


f < 3GHz
No averaging

S11 noise floor



f < 1.5GHz


f < 3GHz

Sweep rate


100 points/s

f >= 140MHz

80 points/s

f < 140MHz

V2 Plus

200 points/s

f >= 140MHz

100 points/s

f < 140MHz

V2 Plus4

400 points/s

f >= 140MHz

200 points/s

f < 140MHz

Sweep points (on device)


10 – 201 points, adjustable

Sweep points (USB)


1 – 1024 points, adjustable

Power supply


USB, 4.6V – 5.5V

Supply current


350mA typ, 400mA max

No charging

Battery current, charging


1.2A typ

Battery capacity


V2 Plus

User defined

V2 Plus4


Operation ambient temperature


0℃ – 45℃ *

* by design, not tested in production

Ambient temperature during battery charging


10℃ – 45℃

Accuracy comparison between NanoVNA V2 and HP-8753E by DD1US

Basic usage

NanoVNA V2 Video Tutorials

VNA basics

A VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) measures the frequency dependent reflected and transmitted power of a high frequency network (RF Network).

The NanoVNA V2 measures the following:

  • Reflection coefficient: S11
  • Transmission coefficient: S21

The following items that can be calculated from these can be displayed:

  • Return loss
  • Insertion loss
  • Complex impedance
  • Resistance
  • Reactance
  • SWR

Required components

To use the NanoVNA V2 for one port measurements (e.g. antenna impedance), you will need the following:

  • NanoVNA V2 main unit
  • SMA cable, male-male
  • Calibration standards: Short, Open, and Load

Performing measurements

The basic operation and menu structure of the NanoVNA V2 is very similar to the original NanoVNA.

  • Configure the measurement frequency range: Select STIMULUS > START and STIMULUS > STOP.
  • Calibrate:
    1. Enter the CAL menu and connect a SMA male-male cable to port 1 of the VNA.
    2. Connect the OPEN standard to the cable end and select “OPEN”. Wait for menu highlight.
    3. Connect the SHORT standard to the cable end and select “SHORT”. Wait for menu highlight.
    4. Connect the LOAD standard to the cable end and select “LOAD”. Wait for menu highlight.
    5. Select “APPLY”. Calibration should now be active and you can start performing measurements.


User Manual

Menu Map

Firmware downloads

Use this table to select and download the correct firmware variant for your device:

Hardware versions


NanoVNA-QT (PC software) releases:

NanoVNA Saver:

Schematics and PCB layout

The schematics and PCB layout files are available here:

Permission is granted to use the design commercially and non-commercially without royalties. However, note that it is in your interest and everyone’s interest to abide by basic business ethics.

Hardware versions / Firmware downloads

  • You can identify which NanoVNA V2 variant you have using the table below. Select CONFIG > VERSION in the menu on your device. This will show an about screen with the device name on top which you can look up in the table below.
  • Ensure the correct firmware variant for your hardware version is used, otherwise your device may fail to boot.
  • Only the following 3 hardware versions are official, but the unofficial versions listed below also have firmware support.
Firmware supportFirmware downloadFeatures
V2 Plus V2.3
Latest version
  • 2.8″ display
  • 2x faster sweep (200 points/s)
  • Noise improvements
V2 Plus4 V2.4
Latest version
  • 4″ display
  • 4x faster sweep (400 points/s)
  • Frequency range extended to 4GHz
  • Up to 80dB dynamic range to 3GHz
No longer sold
  • 2.8″ display
  • The earliest NanoVNA V2 hardware version.

Click here for older firmware binaries.

Unofficial hardware variants

For SYSJOINT’s NanoVNA-F V2, see


For BH5HNU’s 3GHz NanoVNA-F development, see

The following are the unofficial (clone) hardware versions that are tested to be compatible with the NanoVNA V2 firmware.


ImageNameFirmware supportFirmware download
3.2″ “black and gold”20201013Download
3.2″ HDMB “V2 Pro”20201013Download
“V2.74” from blackmagic20201013Download
2.8″ V2 with metal case20201013Download


How to update firmware

  1. Switch off the NanoVNA V2 main unit.
  2. Hold down the JOG LEFT button (leftmost of the 3 pushbuttons) and switch on the NanoVNA.
  3. Once white screen appears, release JOG LEFT.
  4. Select the device in NanoVNA-QT
  5. You will be prompted to flash a firmware binary, which you can download from the table above.
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