Nooelec VeGA

Introducing Nooelec VeGA, a very exciting new member of the Nooelec family!

Nooelec VeGA is a linear, wideband (30MHz-4000MHz), high-performance, general purpose LNA module with a built-in variable attenuator to maximize usability and portability.

The attenuation can be controlled either with the on-board potentiometer (analog control) or push button array (digital control).

Nooelec VeGA

Nooelec VeGA Variable Gain Amplifier

A high-quality and high-performance variable gain amplifier designed to provide the user with a control for the level of amplification to achieve the best signal to noise ratio (SNR). The device can be used for software defined radio (SDR) applications.


  • Adjustable gain
  • 46 dB maximum gain
  • Low noise figure
  • Two options to control the gain using SW7
  • A 50Ω RF gain block
  • USB and Bias Tee power


  • Software defined radio
  • General purpose amplification
  • Low noise applications
  • High dynamic range applications
  • Wideband reception

Pin Configuration and Functions

Nooelec VeGA

* The Variable Gain Amplifier allows for 3 different power options (USB, Pin Header and Bias-Tee). At any given time not more than one option should be used.

Simplified Schematic

Nooelec VeGA

Nooelec VeGA Product Downloads

Made in North America with a full 1 year warranty.
Limited-time promotional release price of just $49.95 USD!

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