Baofeng DM-5R / RD-5R

OpenDM5R firmware

The authors of the open firmware for the GD-77 radio have attempted to provide the OpenGD77 firmware for the Baofeng DM-5R / RD-5R radio (2m / 70cm | Analog / DMR).

When buying a DM-5R radio, pay attention to the versions so that it has “Tier 2” support because the first versions of the DM-5R did not have such a possibility. Currently you can buy

RD-5R version:

Baofeng RD-5R DMR Tier II VFO Digital Dual Band

Detailed function description:

Large and easy to read 2 line display
The latest 21cm Dual-Band Antenna
Automatic energy saving function
Dual Band Repeater


136-174 MHz – FM broadcasting and reception
400-520 MHz – FM broadcasting and reception
65-108 MHz – receive FM radio stations
Firmware – minimum 291
128 channels in memory
1750 Hz tone
Tony CTCSS and DTC normal and invert modes
Selective call
Work with shift (for converters)
Step 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25 kHz
Keyboard lock
Two-frequency listening (dual watch function)
VOX function
A flashlight
Programming possible from the keyboard or from a computer
Switching transmit power level: High / Low
Maximum transmission power 5W
Battery: 7.4V, 2000mAh

External accessories (battery eliminator, microphones etc.) from the popular UV-5R match the DM-5R.

It is worth noting that the set does not have a cable for programming the radio without it you can not program the radio and upload the firmware. Cables can be bought separately:

USB Programming Cable for Baofeng RD-5R RD-7R DM-5R DMR

You can make such a cable yourself, you need 2 stereo jack plugs, one 2.5 other 3.5 mm and a piece of cable with a USB end e.g. from the mouse and make the connection as described

(source: topic / 36605-baofengdm-5r-programmation / , ):

OpenDM5R firmware

Two resistors can be omitted.

Note: The programming cable from GD-77 does not match the DM-5R / RD-5R .

According to the users of the DM-5R radio compared to GD-77 they have worse quality and this may be due to the size of the radio and cost savings in construction, but because the price on the Polish market is above PLN 200 and the radio will not be used for “dxing” 😉 You can consider buying a low-budget radio to work on DMR and Analog and take advantage of interesting features and facilities offered by the OpenDM5R open firmware.

Currently working on the firmware is at the stage of experimental but already functional versions so if you are not afraid and you like experiments you can start playing with the new OpenDM5R firmware

I recommend following the progress of work on the OpenDM5R open firmware for this radio where the experimental firmware versions are available:

or here:

To upload the firmware, turn off the radio, connect the programming cable to the radio and the computer and then holding the SK1 and SK2 buttons simultaneously turn on the radio. The green LED will be on and the screen will be like the radio is off. Using the upgrade software you can upload the firmware. After uploading, turn the radio off and on again.

Remember that by uploading non-original firmware to the radio, you may lose your warranty and do so at your own risk.

Because the open firmware OpenDM5R includes a hotspot mode feature, such a radio can be used Raspberry Pi Zero to build a hotspot that has more power than typical ADF7021 hotspots solutions. Raspberry Pi Zero can be inserted into the charger housing as it was done in the solution with GD-77:

As you can read in the firmware forum is in an experimental stage especially for the DM5R version so you should analyze the development of work on OpenDM5R and if you can solve all the problems you can upload them to your radio. Unless someone likes to experiment and wants to help send feedback from using experimental firmware versions.

See the video from the work of the DM-5R with the original fimware:

See the DM-5R video with alternative firmware:

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