OpenGD77 CPS

OpenGD77 CPS New ongoing “Development” version has been created

OpenGD77 CPS . I have put an experimental version of the new firmware onto this server.

This firmware is licensed under the BSD 3 Clause + non commericial license which I posted last week.

For legal reasons the installation is different from the previous versions.

1. There is a different CPS

Use the latest available version in that folder.

2. The firmware no longer contains parts of the official firmware

And because it therefore does not contain the AMBE codec it is no longer necessary to encrypt the file into a SGL file. Hence the new firmware is just a plain binary file (.bin)

As DMR requires the AMBE codec, the CPS now combines the OpenGD77 firmware file with the official firmware before uploading to the radio.

But in order for this to happen, users must first download and unzip the latest version of the official firmware (version 4.3.6) and extract the official firmware file.

The instructions for this are described here … lation.php

3.For legal reasons the license and readme text documents are required to be distributed with the firmware file.
So the firmware file is now zipped into a package containing these other files

The zip files can be downloaded from here … /firmware/

Note. The JA_ versions are Japanese only

4.The Voice pompts have changed in this version … e_prompts/

5. The source code and build tools are available here … and_tools/

I will not be hosting the souce code on Github

Substantial portions of the source code have been written since the last public release.
The only code remaining is copyright a small group of people including Kai DG4KLU, me VK3KYY, Daniel F1RMB, Alex DL4LEX and Colin G4EML.

Code by minor contributors has been rewritten to overcome copyright and GPL License problems.
The Hotspot code has been rewritten, and the code from mbelib has also been rewritten, to overcome GPL and license conflicts.

I have contacted all major contributors and they have all agreed to the license change to BSD 3 Clause + non commerical

The User Guide is no longer part of the source code, nor are any of the technical documents, which we didnt write, nor are the build tools etc


The firmware has been updated to use the latest version of the official firmware, (v4.3.6) which can be downloaded from Radioddity’s server, rather than the old version (3.1.1) which was difficult to obtain. This was a technically complex process and involved finding the memory location of the 100 + AMBE related functions in the official firmware.

Many sections of code e.g. the code from mbelib have been optimised as part of the rewrite.

Some new features and changes

There were a number of new features in the pipeline before the GPL problems occurred in March, and these features are now in his new release

The most major change is to DMR ID handleing, as the data is now compressed by 25% and also the memory map in the flash memory has been changed to allow use of more of the Flash memory, including the option to use the Voice Prompts area for additional DMR ID storage.

Also on the DM1801 the larger Flash memory (2Mb instead of 1Mb) can be used to store even more DMR ID’s

And the number of characters for each DMR ID has been increased to a maximum of 50, which includes the callsign and the name and location etc.

There is a new feature, from Daniel, called Scan on Boot
And another new feature from Daniel where a different Radio DMR ID can be assigned to each channel.

I’ll leave it to Daniel to post information about these. VK3KYY

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OpenGD77 User Guides

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