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Eton Elite 750 review

Eton Elite 750 portable receiver covers all of the popular longwave, mediumwave, and shortwave bands, as well as the FM broadcast band and air band. Eton Elite 750 review. It…

mini1300 Antenna Analyzer Review

To be spoilt for choice these days when it comes to ‘Antenna’ Analysers. The Mini1300 is a development of the popular open-source design by EU1KY, which was built around the…

Morse Code Transceiver

DMX-40 Morse Code Decoder & Converter Transceiver Frustration-Free Morse Code At Last! Introducing the new DMX-40 Morse Code Decoder & Converter Transceiver from PreppComm! Morse Code Transceiver. The DMX-40 is…

Global Radio Guide summer 2021

Teak Publishing is proud to announce the release of that all-important radio resource – the Global Radio Guide (GRG), 16th edition (Summer 2021) e-book, by Amazon bestselling author Gayle Van…


The new model AT-D878UVII PLUS, it is an upgrade version of AT-D878UV PLUS AT-D878UVII PLUS comes with 500,000 digital contacts and Analog APRS RX function. AT-D878UVII PLUS has some hardware…

MLA Antenna 50 MHz

Making monoband MLA specifically for the 50 MHz band, which I often use when I go outdoors. In this article I will explain the making of this antenna. MLA Antenna…

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