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Yaesu FTM-350 programming software

This software helps you program memory channels and menu settings of the Yaesu FTM-350 radio Yaesu FTM-350 programming software FTB350 FTB350 DETAILS Backup/restore of the FTM-350 clone memory Modify memories…

FT8 Sound Card Settings

FT8 – How to Avoiding Harmonics and Audio Settings FT8 Sound Card Settings. The FT8 sound card mode is an MFSK mode with redundancy and error checking. If you have…

flower pot antenna

flower pot antenna. The antenna is constructed as a co-axially, end-feed antenna using co-ax cable feedline as the antenna elements with a resonant choke formed in the co-ax line to…

icom 9700 programming software

icom 9700 programming software . The CS-9700 is a software application to setup the IC-9700 from your PC. These instructions shows system requirements and how to use the software. System…

International Space Station 2021 calendar

International Space Station 2021 calendar A message from the Program Manager for the international Space Station The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest and most-visited spacecraft in the history…

Ranger RCI-X9

120 Watts PeP AM/SSB High Power 10 Meter Amateur Radio with Small Case Size Ranger RCI-X9. Compact 39 Size, A Radio That Will Fit Into Most Trucks Hi Power 120…

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