Si4732 Receiver

Si4732 All Band Radio
Broadcast AM/FM/SW/LW/RDS Radio Receiver

Si4732 Receiver digital CMOS AM/FM/SW/LW/RDS radio receiver IC integrates the complete broadcast tuner and receiver function from antenna input to digital audio output.

The device leverages the Silicon Labs broadcast proven digital low-IF architecture, enabling a cost-effective digital audio platform for consumer electronic applications with high TDMA noise immunity, superior radio performance, and high fidelity audio power amplification.

Offering unmatched integration and PCB space savings, the Si4732-A10 requires only a few external components and less than 15 mm2 of board area, excluding the antenna inputs.

The Si4732-A10 AM/FM/SW/LW/RDS radio provides the space savings and low power consumption necessary for portable devices while delivering the high performance and design simplicity desired for all AM/FM/ SW/LW/RDS solutions.

Leveraging Silicon Laboratories’ proven and patented Si4700/01 FM tuner’s digital low intermediate frequency (low-IF) receiver architecture, the Si4732-A10 delivers superior RF performance and interference rejection in the AM, FM, SW, and LW bands. The high level of integration and complete system production test simplifies design-in, increases system quality, and improves reliability and manufacturability.

Si4732 Receiver Features

  • Worldwide FM band support (64-108 MHz)
  • Worldwide AM band support (520-1710 kHz)
  • SW band support (2.3-26.1 MHz)
  • LW band support (153-279 kHz)
  • Excellent real-world performance with integrated AM/ FM/SW/LW/RDS
  • Integrated VCO
  • Advanced AM/FM seek tuning
  • Automatic frequency control (AFC)
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Digital FM stereo decoder
  • Programmable de-emphasis
  • Advanced Audio Processing
  • Seven selectable AM channel filters
  • AM/FM/SW/LW digital tuning
  • EN55020 compliant
  • No manual alignment necessary
  • Programmable reference clock
  • Adjustable soft mute control
  • RDS/RBDS processor
  • Digital audio out
  • 2-wire and 3-wire control interface
  • Integrated LDO regulator
  • Wide range of ferrite loop sticks and air loop antennas supported
  • SOIC package
  • RoHS compliant

Si4732 Receiver

Assembled SI4732 All Band Radio Receiver

Si4732 Receiver

Electrical Parameters:

  • Use a 3.6v lithium battery
  • Support USB charging
  • Audio output supports headset 3.5MM
  • Support 8-ohm speaker 1W output
  • FM supports earphone antenna
  • Antenna interface uses BNC
  • Size :88x88x38mm

The PCB retains the SI4732 package, users can replace the chip by themselves, and the software is compatible

Features of This Sketch:
1) FM, AM (MW and SW) and SSB (LSB and USB);
2) Audio bandwidth filter 0.5, 1, 1.2, 2.2, 3 and 4Khz;
3) 22 commercial and ham radio bands pre-configured;
4) BFO Control;
5) Frequency step switch (1, 5 and 10KHz).

– If you modify the parameters, please refer to the actual product.

Package Included:
– 1 x Set of Radio Receiver

– It is assembled and ready to use.

Paul W. Ross
Great radio! I use mine mostly for monitoring 40 meter CW. The 500 Hz filter is excellent. I use an outside wire as an antenna, though the whip does work OK if band conditions are good.

BUY: US $57.84

Project Proposal: Radio Receiver using Arduino and SI4732-A10 Integrated Circuit

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