Wouxun KG-905G Programming

Wouxun KG-905G programming and menu options

Programming the KG-905G

Wouxun KG-905G Programming. If you already have experience programming other Wouxun radios such as the KG-805G or KG-805M, you’re pretty much set, because the KG-905G is programmed in much the same way. If not, no worries, as it’s relatively simple.

You can configure and customize many basic features of the 905G direct from the front panel keys of the radio. You can also program up to 256 custom memory channels into the KG-905G from a PC using the Wouxun KG-905G programming software, including repeater channels.

Direct from the radio

Customizing features of the KG-905G from the keypad is about the same as it is on any other Wouxun handheld. Once you know the layout of the menu and what each option does, it’s simply a matter of choosing and saving the settings you desire.

To access the menu, Press the MENU key on the radio, go through the various menu options, and choose the items you want to enable, change, disable or set. Press the MENU key again to save each setting, and you’re done.

The KG-905G menu consists of 35 menu options. Default settings are bold.

Menu #Menu ItemDescriptionOption
01ABRLCD Backlight settingsOFF/1-30 Seconds|10 Seconds
02SAVEBattery SaverON|OFF
03W-NBandwidth settingsWIDE|NARROW (varies)
04TXPOWOutput PowerHIGH|LOW (varies)
05VOXVOX functionOFF|1-9
06VOX-DLYVOX DelayOFF|1-5 (seconds)
07SQLSquelch level settings0 (off)-9 (full)|5
08ROGERTransmission prompt settingsOFF|BOT|EOT|BOTH
09TOTTimeout Timer15-900|60
10TOATransmission overtime alarmOFF|1-10 seconds|5
11VOICEvoice prompt settingsOFF|ENGLISH|CHINESE
12BEEPbeep prompt settingsON|OFF
13BCLBusy Channel LockoutON|OFF
17CH-NAMEEditing channel nameName***|NONE
18PRI-CHPriority channelCHGP: 01, CH: 01|NONE
19PRI-SCNPriority scanON|OFF
20S-TONESingle Tone Pulse1000Hz|1450Hz|1750Hz|2100Hz
21SC-QTScan save optionsR-CT|T-CT|RT-CT
23SCN-ADDScan add/deleteADD|DEL
24SCN-GPScan groupALL|1-16
25**SCN-CDCTCSS/DCS scanningNone*
26AU-LOCKKeypad auto lockOFF|10-60 (seconds)
28SECONDStopwatch timerON|OFF
29PF1Side key PF1 settingRADIO|SCAN|LAMP
30PF2Side key PF2 settingALARM|OFF
31RPT-RCTRepeater ConfirmationON|OFF
32*DC-VLTBattery voltage displayNone
33QT-SWTone scan checkON|OFF
34CH-MDFChannel display modeCH|NAME|CHFREQ
35RESETFactory resetALL

*Note: The menu item in red is available in the menu for display only. It cannot be modified.
**The menu item in yellow must be directly accessed from the menu. Choose the function and press [MENU] to activate the scan.

Programming with software

The KG-905 uses the same standard USB programming cable used by many other popular Wouxun radios equipped with a Kenwood style (K1) connector port. In fact, if you already have a programming cable for an analog radio such as a Baofeng UV-5R, TYT TH-UV88 or other Wouxun radio, chances are you’re all set. If you don’t, you will need the PCO-001 or XLT Painless Programming Cable. We recommend The XLT cable for easier installation.

Unlike the programming cable, the Wouxun KG-905G programming software is specific to this model and is currently available for PC running Microsoft Windows only. The KG-905G software defaults code plug is also available to restore the KG-905G to factory default programming. The software and code plug are free downloads and can be located under the Downloads tab on the KG-905G product page

KG-905G Operation

Operating the KG-905G is similar to other Wouxun personal handheld radios and is really quite simple. It includes all of the buttons and controls typically found on most other handheld walkie talkies.

The KG-905G features a backlit LCD display with a menu button, up/down and exit buttons on the front of the radio. The channel and on/off volume knobs are on top. The PTT (Push-To-Talk), and two programmable buttons¬† are on the left side of the housing. The audio accessory/programming cable jack is on the right side of the radio. In other words, it’s the typical layout.

Wouxun KG-905G Programming

The controls and their primary functions are listed in the chart below:

Channel KnobChanges channels and menu items
On/Off Volume KnobTurns radio on and off – sets volume level
PTTPush-To-Talk Transmit button
PF1 ButtonProgrammable button 1
PF2Programmable button 2
MENUEnter program menu|choose/set menu option
UP ARROWSelect previous channel|Select menu option
DOWN ARROWSelect next channel|Select menu option
EXITExit program menu/cancel

Considering all these features, programming and menu options, the Wouxun KG-905G is clearly one of the most powerfully advanced GMRS handheld two way radios currently available today.

Wouxun KG-905G Programming Downloads

KG-905G-Default-Codeplug (Size: 8.3 KB) Software Defaults Codeplug

Wouxun-KG-905G-Owners-Manual (Size: 753.6 KB)

Wouxun-KG-905G-Programming-Software (Size: 1.1 MB)

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