Xiegu G90 firmware 1.74

Xiegu G90 firmware 1.74

Final Version

★HeadUnit:from "G90_DispUnit_FW_V1.74_buid004(release)"
★MainUnit:from "G90_MainUnit_FW_V1.74_build005(beta01)"
to V1.74final

★More new features will be avaliable in V1.75.

Note: No mixing use,update both main unit and head unit

1. bugfix,too much MIC Gain

2. new feature,Automatical FFT scale
befoe: manual FFT SCALE,range 1~10
after: 1:automatically(default);2~10:manually

Note: Automatical FFT SCALE WON’T affect neither the reading of S-Meter nor the rx gain

3. new feature,display the background VFO freq in memory mode
befoe: CH 00
after: CH 00 xx.xxx.xx

4. new feature,wider CW filter

Xiegu G90 firmware 1.74

befoe: 400~1200Hz
after: 100~1550Hz

5. new feature,the adjustments of CW FILTER bandwidth/center and CW TONE

5.a) Tuning the CW FILTER bandwidth/center If the CW TONE is out of filter passband after tuning the bandwidth and/or center, say CW TONE=800,CW FILTER bandwidth=100/center=1000, a flashing message “CWT out of Passband!” will show up in the center of FFT Scope area, and the bandwidth and/or center will reverse to the value before tuning

5.b) Tuning the CW TONE freq out of the passband say CW TONE=1000,CW FILTER bandwidth=100/center=800,
a flashing message “CWT can’t > FBW!” will show up in the center of FFT Scope area,(CW TONE > filter high edge)
or “CWT can’t < FBW”(CW TONE < filter low edge), and the CW TONE will reverse to the value before tuning

6. new feature,RF GAIN directly apply to rx channel
range: 1~100%(default 50%),gain(base on total rx gain):-19.6~+20dB,step=0.4dB

Note: RF GAIN WILL affect either the reading of S-Meter or the FFT Scope

7. new feature,MIC HPF for SSB tx,less bassy voice
8. new feature,Green color for FFT Scope line and fill
9. new driver for the encoders of head unit,more reliable

Older Version (June 2020)

More: Xiegu G90 firmware update instructions

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