Xiegu G90 Updater tool

To reduce the trouble upgrading (and hence reduce the number of “I bricked the G90 while upgrading” type of messages here) recommend using Dale Farnsworths excellent tool:

Xiegu G90 Updater tool

Works equally well on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Xiegu G90 Firmware Updater

The command-line program g90updatefw uploads firmware updates to the Xiegu G90 radio.

Here is the output of g90updatefw --help:

This program is designed to write a firmware file to the Xiegu G90
radio.  It can be used to update either the main unit or the display unit.

    Usage: g90updatefw <firmware_file> <serial_device>
      or   g90updatefw --help
      or   g90updatefw --version

where <firmware_file> is the name of a firmware file for either the
main unit or for the display unit and <serial_device> is the name of
the USB serial port connected to the Xiegu G90.  On Linux, the <serial_device> is
typically /dev/ttyUSB0.  On Windows, com4 works for me as the serial device,
but your system may be different

You should start the program with the programming cable plugged in
and the power disconnected from the radio.  After starting the program,
reconnect the power cable and power-on the radio.  The program runs
without any user interaction.


Source code and additional information about g90updatefw may be found at https://github.com/DaleFarnsworth/g90updatefw.

A Windows/386 executable (suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows) may be downloaded from https://www.farnsworth.org/dale/g90updatefw/downloads/windows/386. This program needs to be run from a cmd.exe window that has administrator privileges.

A Linux/amd64 executable may be downloaded from https://www.farnsworth.org/dale/g90updatefw/downloads/linux/amd64.

A MacOS/amd64 executable may be downloaded from https://www.farnsworth.org/dale/g90updatefw/downloads/darwin/amd64.

A Linux/arm executable (suitable for the Raspberry Pi with a 32-bit OS) may be downloaded from https://www.farnsworth.org/dale/g90updatefw/downloads/linux/arm.

A Linux/arm64 executable (suitable for the Raspberry Pi with a 64-bit OS) may be downloaded from https://www.farnsworth.org/dale/g90updatefw/downloads/linux/arm64.

Executables for Linux on PPC, RISCV and S390X can be found below https://www.farnsworth.org/dale/g90updatefw/downloads/linux.

I’ll entertain requests to make executables for other OS/Architecture combinations available.

Dale Farnsworth dale@farnsworth.org

P.S. KB0OTY made a video about using g90updatefw on the Raspberry Pi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnU0LtWxqOs.

Thanks Andrew!

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