Yaesu FT-818 programming software

Yaesu FT-818 programming software, can be used to keep a backup of the memories and all of the radio’s settings which can be reloaded in the event of a radio reset being required.

By exporting and re-importing in Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format you can transfer memories from one radio to another.

Yaesu FT-818 programming software

TBasicMMO – memory management for the FT-8×7/8 series transceivers

FTBasicMMO provides memory management for the FT-817, FT-818, FT-847, FT-857 and FT-897 transceivers including the D and ND versions and radios that have been modified to change the frequency coverage.

See here for a web-based version of the Help file.

Yaesu FT-818 programming software

FTBasicMMO features:

  • Support for the FT-817, FT-817ND, FT-818ND, FT-847, FT-857, FT-857D, FT-897, FT-897D
  • Manage the radio’s standard memories
  • Export/Import the memories in CSV file format, These can be exchanged both ways using the author’s other software for: VX-3, VX-8, VX-110, VX-150, VX-170, VX-177, FT1D, FT2D, FT-60, FTM-100D, FT-270, FTM-350, FT-1802, FT-1900, FT-2800, FT-2900, FTM-3200D, FT-7800, FT-7900, FT-8800, FT-8900 and VR-5000 radios.
  • Import frequencies from various Kenwood VHF/UHF rigs – TH-G71, TH-D7A, TH-D7A(G), TM-D700, TH F6/F7, TM-G707 and TM-V7A/E
  • Import ARRL TravelPlus Repeater Frequencies
  • Import/Export Jim Mitchell’s VX-5, VX-6 and VX-7 Commander .CSV format files
  • A large resizable memory grid with sorting and editing capabilities
  • COM1 – 32 user selectable

The program can be used to keep a backup of the memories and all of the radio’s settings which can be reloaded in the event of a radio reset being required.

By exporting and re-importing in Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format you can transfer memories from one radio to another.

The program runs on a standard PC that has an available COM port for connection to the transceiver.  The COM port may be a conventional Serial port or one attached to a USB adapter.  It has been developed and tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

It will not run on Windows 8 RT version which does not support desktop applications. The minimum screen resolution is 800 x 600 but 1024 x 768 is recommended.

Download FTBasicMMO – memory management for Yaesu transceivers
FT-817, FT-818, FT-847, FT-857, FT-897 including ND and D models

Mirror Download in zip file:

Connection to the radio

The transceiver should be connected to the computer in accordance with the rig’s operating instruction manual. The appropriate connecting lead must be used.

Please note: although the FT-857 and FT-897 radios can operate CAT control through the Mic socket you cannot perform memory management this way – the firmware does not support it. You must use the 8-pin mini-din socket at the rear of the radio.


If you have a FT-847 you need a null modem cable with a female connector at the radio end.

Assuming plug A to be the radio end of the cable:

plug A pin 2 connected to plug B pin 3
plug A pin 3 connected to plug B pin 2
plug A pin 5 connected to plug B system ground (pin 5 for a 9 pin plug, or pin 7 for a 25 pin plug).

If you have a FT-897, FT-897D, FT-857, FT-857D, FT-818ND, FT-817ND or FT-817 you need a TTL to RS232 level converter.

The Yaesu cable is a CT-62 but there are many designs for DIY.
If you are not up to soldering neatly, just buy a ready made cable.

FTDI FT232RL USB Cat & Programming Cable for Yaesu FT-817

COM port and speed

Selection of Com port number and speed is done from the initial screen. All rigs except the FT-847 use 9600 baud for clone operation regardless of the CAT operation speed. The FT-847 can clone at either 9600 or 57600 baud.

Detecting the COM port number

On the Tools menu there is a command called ‘COM port Detector’. This will assist in determining which COM port your radio is connected to – particularly helpful with USB attachment of the programming cable.

Click the command ‘COM port Detector’ and the following screen is shown:

Yaesu FT-818 programming software

Follow the on-screen instructions to detect and set the COM port for your programming cable. Be aware that each USB socket on your PC may be allocated a different COM port number, so you might need to use this screen again if you change your usual socket.

If you have an FT-847 then click the button to show the usage instructions for that radio.


I am Bob Freeth, a retired radio ham G4HFQ and in my late 70s. Over the past 20 years I have written numerous programs that are of interest to radio hams. Most of the programs are for managing the memories and settings of Yaesu radios. I have ceased trading and look forward to a peaceful retirement!

The Order page is where you will find free registration details for my previously chargeable software.

The Download page is where you will find links for downloading.

Product support is provided by me only for people who have purchased licenses in the past. Email me at the address bob.freeth_g4hfq.co.uk. There is also a FAQ page on my website here. All support emails are deleted once the issue is resolved.

The website g4hfq.co.uk does not collect any personal data, has no databases nor any tracking cookies or web analytics. If you visit any of the links to external websites the situation is beyond my control and may well be different to this site.

24 October 2020 – Simplifying my committments

In the middle of October unexpected events beyond my control coupled with a continuing gradual degradation of my health have caused me to re-evaluate whether it is sensible for me to continue selling software over the internet.

I have decided to simplify my committments and cease trading. This does not mean that I will no longer provide any support for users of my software – that will continue to the best of my ability.

Over the next few months I will be working on updating the online versions of program help files and other items but the downloadable install programs will remain in place for those who need them when changing or re-building their computers.

15 December 2020 – Free of charge registration details

All of my software is now free of charge and registration details for each program are contained in Free_registration_details

Only should you wish to do so I will be pleased if you would make a small donation to any charity of your choice. If you can’t decide which one is right for you there are many National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world; I am sure you will find one operating in your own country. Another suggestion is to donate to a food bank to directly help those in hard times.

Also welcome would be additional websites to host the software downloads and list of program registrations. It would be a shame if I suddenly dropped off my perch and this website disappeared. Please get in touch if you could provide such a service.

73, Bob – G4HFQ

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