Yaesu FT5D

Yaesu FT5D

 C4FM Digital/Analog Transceiver

New standard for digital handheld
Advanced high-quality sound C4FM digital + 1000mW high output
Robust tough body, touch & go operation

You can operate digital node stations even when you are away from home if you have an internet environment.

Supports “WIRES-X Portable Digital Node Function”

  • Compact (W: 62 x H: 100 x D: 34mm), high power 5W transmission output
  • High-definition full-color touch panel display
  • Operation band frequency display color selection
  • High sound quality C4FM digital + 1000mW loud volume
  • Tough body: Equipped with impact-resistant rubber protector, IPX7 (immersion-proof) waterproof performance
  • Touch & Go Operation by Activity Monitor ・ PMG (Primary Memory Group Activity Monitor)
    ・CAM (CH Activity Monitor)
  • Supports C4FM digital and analog FM communication modes with excellent communication quality
  • Equipped with AMS (Automatic Mode Select) communication mode automatic selection function
  • Full-scale wideband reception: 0.5MHz to 999.99MHz (A band), 108MHz to 580MHz (B band)
  • Simultaneous reception of 2 waves (V + V / U + U / V + U / U + V), C4FM / C4FM simultaneous standby support * 1
  • Easy and comfortable group operation with digital group ID (DG-ID)
  • VFO band skip function
  • Memory auto grouping (MAG) function
  • High-speed band scope function that displays up to 79 channels
  • Includes 2,200mAh Long Life Lithium Ion Battery Pack (SBR-14LI)
  • Full flat back with no protrusions for excellent hold / Quick release holster included
  • Built-in high-precision GPS receiver, real-time GPS data communication APRS compatible * 2
  • Bluetooth ® Hands-free operation by
  • Supports WIRES-X portable digital node function
  • Snapshot function (image data transmission / reception)
  • Equipped with micro SD card slot

* 1 When a C4FM digital signal is received in both bands, the audio is output with priority given to the operation band.
Digital data such as callsigns and location information can be received simultaneously in both bands.
* 2 APRS ® : APRS ® (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is a trademark of WB4APR Bob Bruninga

Full of excellent operability and sophisticated functions
High-definition full-color LCD touch panel and activity monitor – Touch & Go Operation

FT5D is compact, but has high basic performance such as wideband reception, circuit configuration for simultaneous reception of 2 waves, 5W transmission output, and high volume of 1000mW with high sound quality.

The new operation feeling (touch and go operation) by the displayed activity monitor enables intuitive and smooth operation like never before.

Intuitive and smooth operation is realized by adopting a touch panel display.

Large and easy-to-read frequency display
The high-resolution full-color display emphasizes the frequency display of the operation band and boasts excellent visibility. The frequency display of the band to be operated can be selected from three colors of white / blue / red.

Activate frequent operations and functions with a single touch using a dedicated key
Frequently used functions can be activated instantly using the dedicated key under the display.

Touch and go operation with activity monitor

PMGPrimary Memory Group Activity Monitor ※1
By pressing and holding the “PMG” key, the frequency of the current display is registered in PMG regardless of VFO or memory channel. All you have to do is press the “PMG” key to instantly recall that frequency.

If you register multiple frequencies, just press the “PMG” key and the status of the registered frequencies will be displayed in a bar graph (activity monitor). It provides a touch-and-go operation that allows you to instantly move to that channel by simply touching the displayed bar.

Yaesu FT5DCAMCH Activity Monitor ※1
If you want to use the activity monitor on a fixed channel at all times, we have prepared a CAM (CH Activity Monitor) function in addition to the PMG.

To use CAM, register each memory channel in the CAM group. After that, if you call the menu CAM mode, the activity of each frequency will be displayed on the bar graph in the same way as PMG. Touch-and-go operation to move to the channel by touching the displayed bar.
Up to 10 CAM groups and 5ch / Group can be registered.

Lightweight, compact and tough body, full flat back realizes excellent hold feeling

The compact body (W: 62xH: 100xD: 34mm / 282g) has excellent durability and ensures IPX7 (immersion-proof) * 2 waterproofness. With a full-fledged robust and shock-resistant structure, such as a bedding structure that covers the liquid crystal part with silicone rubber and a rubber protector on the bottom side of the main body to absorb shocks when dropped, it can be used safely outdoors and in bad weather.

The back of the transceiver is fully flat with no protrusions, providing an excellent hold that fits in your hand. A quick release holster that allows the transceiver to be attached and detached with a single touch while attached to the belt is included as standard, supporting comfortable operation even during frequent calls.

Yaesu FT5D

Full-scale wideband reception

It supports wideband reception that continuously covers 0.5MHz to 999.99MHz (A band) and 108MHz to 580MHz (B band).

High sound quality of C4FM and 1000mW loud volume

Although it is a compact body, it achieves a large volume of 1000mW. The sound quality has also been tuned to enable clear and comfortable communication even when used outdoors where there is a lot of noise.

FM friendly digital realized by AMS (Automatic Mode Select)

The transceiver automatically selects the communication mode according to the received signal from the other party and receives it. AMS can communicate between all members without switching the communication mode between analog FM and C4FM digital each time. Friendly digital function.

DG-ID (Digital Group ID) / Group Monitor (GM)

You can easily enjoy group communication by simply setting the same number (DG-ID number) between members from “00” to “99”. When the DG-ID number is “00”, all voices can be received.

If you use a common frequency, it will automatically check if the members set to the same DG-ID number are within the communication range, and the distance and direction information of the members will be displayed on the screen for each call sign. ..
You can check the positions of members of up to 24 stations.

Full color and comfortable navigation

    • Real-time navigation function
      The position of the partner station communicating in C4FM digital V / D mode is displayed on the compass screen in real time. This is a convenient function for meeting and merging because you can always check the positional relationship with the other party.
    • Back track function
      The distance and direction from the current location to the pre-registered point are displayed in real time. If you register the starting point, you can navigate as a backtrack function that returns from your current location to the starting point. (Up to 3 locations can be registered)

Simultaneous reception of 2 waves (V + V / U + U / V + U / U + V) / Dual LED indicator installed

Since it is equipped with two independent receiving circuits, it is possible to receive not only the same band but also different bands at the same time.

Equipped with a large independent LED indicator for A band and B band, it is possible to grasp the current reception status and communication mode for each band at a glance.

C4FM simultaneous standby support

C4FM digital standby is possible at the same time in A band and B band.

-Simultaneous playback of A-band and B-band C4FM digital audio is not possible. If a C4FM digital signal enters both bands at the same time, priority is given to reception of the operation band.

-Digital data such as call sign and location information can be received in both bands at the same time.

VFO band skip function

If you use the VFO band skip function, which allows you to skip unused bands in VFO band selection, only the frequencies of the bands you use are displayed, so you can operate smoothly. Even if the frequency of the band skipped by the VFO is used, the frequency registered in the memory channel can be recalled in the memory mode, so it is possible to operate more comfortably by using it properly.

Memory auto grouping (MAG)

The memory auto grouping (MAG) function which can automatically group and call a memory channel for each band is carried. If you press the “BAND” key during memory channel operation, ALL → AIR band → 144MHz / VHF band → 430MHz / UHF band → AM (AM radio broadcasting) → FM (FM radio broadcasting) → SW (short wave band) → OTHER The bands are switched in the order of, and the channels grouped by each band can be called. In ALL, the MAG function is turned off and the memory channels are called in order.

Yaesu FT5D79 channel band scope function

The usage status (signal strength) of up to 79 channels up and down around the current VFO frequency is displayed on the display at high speed.

The display (number of channels) can be selected from 79/39/19 channels.
You can change the center frequency by turning the dial knob, or move to that frequency by touching the scope screen.

Long life 2,200mAh large capacity lithium-ion battery pack is included as standard

A 2,200mAh lithium-ion battery pack (SBR-14LI) is included as standard. When the transmission output is 5W, it can be operated for about 9.3 hours.

* 5W transmission 6 seconds, reception 6 seconds, waiting 48 seconds repeated.
* The usable time varies depending on the usage conditions and temperature.

Radio reception + 2 wave simultaneous standby: AF DUAL

The AF-DUAL function can stand by for A band and B band at the same time while receiving AM / FM radio broadcasts. When it receives an A-band or B-band signal, it automatically interrupts the reception of radio broadcasts and switches to the reception band to listen to the audio.

Easy hands-free operation with Bluetooth support ※3

Bluetooth corresponds to, optional Bluetooth ® can be operated using a headset SSM-BT10 or a headset of a commercially available product. In addition to sending with the PTT button on the headset, it also supports voice activation transmission (VOX) function, so you can operate the FT5D completely hands-free with it in your pocket or backpack.

Snapshot function (image data transmission / reception)

You can easily take a snapshot and display it on the display by connecting the built-in camera microphone MH-85A11U (optional) to send the image to another C4 FM transceiver. Images can be saved on a microSD card and edited on a computer. The position data of the shooting location is stored in the image, and you can use the backtrack function to navigate to the shooting location.

Supports WIRES-X portable digital node function

You can access a node station connected to the Internet to communicate with a distant station. In addition, it supports the WIRES-X portable digital node function that allows you to connect to the Internet directly from your computer, so if you have an Internet environment and a device that connects to your computer, you can easily communicate with the Internet even when you are away from home. ..

Other practical features

  • Built-in high-precision GPS receiver
    ● Supports 1200 / 9600bps APRS communication * 4
    ● Recording function
    ● Equipped with microSD card slot

* 1 A gray bar graph is displayed when frequencies other than 108MHz to 580MHz (shortwave broadcasting, AM / FM radio, 50MHz band, etc.) are registered in PMG or CAM. Touch the bar to move to that frequency and receive the signal.

* 2 IPX7 (immersion-proof type): With the antenna / side terminal cover properly attached, submerging in fresh water / still water at a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes does not affect the operation of the device.

* 3 The Bluetooth ® word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and are used by Yaesu Radio Co., Ltd. under license.
Bluetooth ® headsets do not guarantee the operation of all commercially available products.

* 4 APRS ® is a registered trademark of WB4APR Bob Bruninga. Smart Beaconing ™ is provided by HamHUD Nichetronix. APRS ® communication supports only B band.

Yaesu FTD5 Specifications

Reception frequency range
A band0.5 ~ 1.8MHz (AM Radio)
1.8 ~ 30MHz (SW Radio)
30 ~ 76MHz
76 ~ 108MHz (FM Radio)
108 ~ 137MHz (Air Band)
137 ~ 174MHz (144 MHz HAM)
174 ~ 222MHz
222 ~ 420MHz
420 ~ 470MHz (430 MHz HAM)
470 ~ 800MHz
B band108 ~ 137MHz (Air Band)
137 ~ 174MHz (144 MHz HAM)
174 ~ 222MHz
222 ~ 420MHz
420 ~ 470MHz (430 MHz HAM)
470 ~ 580MHz
Transmission frequency range144 ~ 146MHz
430 ~ 440MHz
Transmission / reception frequency step5, 6.25, 8.33, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100kHz
(8.33kHz can be selected only for the air band and 9kHz can be selected only for the AM radio broadcasting band)
Frequency stabilityWithin ± 2.5ppm (-20 ℃ to + 60 ℃)
Radio modelF1D、F2D、F3E、F7W
way of communicationSingle letter method
Antenna impedance50Ω
Power-supply voltageRating: DC 7.4V (when using FNB-101LI) Negative ground
DC 7.2V (when using SBR-14LI) Negative ground
DC 10.5 to 16V (external power input terminal) Negative groundOperable range: DC 5.5 to 8.4V (when using lithium-ion battery pack) Negative ground
(External power supply terminal) DC 4 to 16V (External power supply input terminal) Negative ground(External power supply terminal) DC 10.5 to 16V (Battery pack chargeable range) Negative ground
DC 3.6~4.5V (when using FBA-39)
Consumption current
At reception rated outputMono bandAbout 180mA
Dual bandAbout 220mA
At the time of receiving squelchMono bandAbout 110mA
Dual bandAbout 145mA
When saving the received battery
(Receive 1: Save 10)
Mono bandAbout 74mA
Dual bandAbout 74mA
When GPS is ONAbout +15mA
At DIGITALAbout + 3mA
When receiving AM / FM radioAbout 125mA
When power is off (APO)About 600μA
When transmitting 144MHz band (5W)About 1.6 A
When transmitting in the 430MHz band (5W)About 1.9 A
Operating temperature limit-20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Case dimensions62 (W) x 100 (H) x 34 (D) mm (when SBR-14LI is installed, excluding protrusions)
Body weightApproximately 282g (including antenna and battery pack SBR-14LI)
■ Transmitter
Transmission output5W / 2.5W / 1.0W / 0.3W switchable
(When using a battery pack / when inputting an external power supply of 13.8V)
: 0.9W / 0.3W switchable (when using FBA-39)
Modulation methodF1D, F2D, F3E: reactance modulation
F7W: Quadruple frequency shift keying (C4FM)
Don’t radiate intensityBelow 60dB (Hi, L3)
Below 50dB (L2, L1)
Microphone impedanceAbout 2kΩ
■ Receiver
Trust methodAM / FM: Double Conversion Super Heterodyne
AM / FM Radio: Direct Conversion
Intermediate frequency1st:58.05MHz(AM、FM A Band)
1st:57.15MHz(AM、FM B Band)
2nd: 450kHz(AM、FM)
Reception sensitivity3μV typ @ 10dB SN (0.5 ~ 30MHz, AM)
0.35μV type @ 12dB SINAD (30 ~ 54MHz, NFM)
1μV type @ 12dB SINAD (54 ~ 76MHz, NFM)
1.5μV typ @ 12dB SINAD (76 ~ 108MHz, WFM)
1.5μV typ @ 10dB SN (108 ~ 137MHz, AM)
0.2μV @ 12dB SINAD (137 ~ 140MHz, NFM)
0.16μV @ 12dB SINAD (140 ~ 150MHz, NFM)
0.2μV @ 12dB SINAD (150 ~ 174MHz, NFM)
1μV @ 12dB SINAD (174 ~ 222MHz, NFM)
0.5μV @ 12dB SINAD (300 ~ 350MHz, NFM)
0.2μV @ 12dB SINAD (350 ~ 400MHz, NFM)
0.18μV @ 12dB SINAD (400 ~ 470MHz, NFM)
1.5μV @ 12dB SINAD (470 ~ 580MHz, NFM)
3μV @ 12dB SINAD (580 ~ 800MHz, NFM)
1.5μV @ 12dB SINAD (800 ~ 999MHz, NFM)
0.19μV typ @ BER 1% (Digital Mode)
PassbandNFM, AM 12kHz / 35kHz( -6dB / -60dB)
Low frequency rated output1000mW (8Ω, THD10%, 7.4V) internal speaker
500mW (8Ω, THD10%, 7.4V) external speaker terminal


This rated value is the value at normal temperature and pressure.
This rating is subject to change without notice to improve performance

Yaesu FT5D

Yaesu FT5D Manuals \ Digital

FT5DR/DE Advance Manual (2108-A)  ( 4.97 MB )

      FT5DR/DE Instruction Manual (APRS Edition) 2108-A  ( 5.73 MB )
      FT5DR/DE Instruction Manual (GM Edition) 2108-A  ( 2.54 MB )
      FT5DR/DE Instruction Manual (WiRES-X Edition) 2108-A  ( 4.09 MB )
      FT5DR/DE Operating Manual (2108F-AS-1)  ( 15.81 MB )

WIRES-X Portable Digital Node Function Instruction Manual (2108-G)  ( 12.68 MB )

Yaesu FT5D Software

SCU-19 USB Driver (PL2303)  ( 2.17 MB )

      SCU-19 USB Driver Installation Manual (2108-F)  ( 942.17 KB )

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