Yaesu FTM-100 firmware update

Yaesu FTM-100 DR/DE Firmware Update Information

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates.

■ MAIN Firmware Version 2.50 (12/22/20)

■ DSP Software Version 4.31(02/13/19)

■ PANEL Firmware Version 2.10 (07/23/18)

Currently we have three different destination versions of the FTM-100DR/DE: USA, AUS and EXP (including EU and CHN). Please open the Update Instruction Manual and review the information before starting the update firmware.

*The firmware version for Japan is different from USA, AUS, EXP version. Please check the latest firmware of the Japanese version on the Japan WEB site.

You must check the version radio you have and use the correct update firmware. The destination is marked on the box serial number label. See the below label example for USA destination. If the box in not available, the country you purchased the radio in may indicate the destination. If the FCC part 15 rules statement is on the radio above the Serial/ID label, it is the USA version. Other versions will not have the FCC label.

Yaesu FTM-100 firmware update

Yaesu FTM-100 firmware update – Download from the official site listed the below.

DST: USA version covers North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand*

Folder Name: FTM-100D/DE_USA_Firmware_Update_2020_12 (12/22/20)  ( 12.83 MB )

DST: AUS version covers Australia and New Zealand Folder Name: FTM-100D/DE_AUS_Firmware_Update_2020_12 (12/22/20  ( 12.83 MB )

DST: EXP/EU/CHN covers all other countries except USA, Australia, and New Zealand Folder Name:   FTM-100D/DE_EXP _Firmware_Update_2020_12 (12/22/20)  ( 12.83 MB )

DSP (covers all countries)

Folder Name: PCTOOLe_v0431

The update zip file contains DSP firmware [PCTOOLe_v0431.zip] it is for all countries.

PANEL (covers all countries)

Folder Name: FTM- 100D_PANEL_ver210(ALL)


Please be sure to confirm the model and the version of your transceiver before starting the update. Writing incorrect firmware to the transceiver may cause abnormal operation or failure.
Please read the FTM100DR/DE Firmware Upgrade Manual before proceeding!
Implements improvements

FTM-100DR Main Ver. 2.50 (12/22/20)

DSP Ver. 4.31 (02/13/19)

PANEL Ver. 2.10 (07/23/18)

• Improved and optimized functions.

When MAIN Firmware V2.50 is installed you must check the DSP PCTOOLe Version 4.31 and Panel Version 2.10. If you do not have V4.31 DSP Firmware and V2.10 Panel Firmware, then it must also be installed at the same time (otherwise it may not function correctly).

If you already have the above listed firmware versions, it is not necessary to update the FTM-100DR/DE again.

We hope this new Firmware will increase your enjoyment of the FTM-100DR/DE. Thank you for choosing Yaesu radios. If you have any problems or questions, please contact Yaesu Amateur Tech Support amateurtech_yaesu.com.

Yaesu USA | 6125 Phyllis Drive | Cypress, CA 90630 |


Use the Yaesu SCU-20 (PC connection cable)

yaesu SCU-20

That comes with the FTM-100 to update the firmware. Before connecting the wireless device and the personal computer with the SCU-20, it is necessary to install the SCU-20 driver on the personal computer to be used in advance.

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